Stanton Fisher "PPI Refer a Friend" Terms and Conditions

  1. Stanton Fisher operates a refer-a-friend scheme whereby existing clients can recommend our services to a friend or family member.

  2. If the friend or family member signs up to our service, the referrer will receive a payment of £50 for every person who goes on to make a successful claim using our services, and pays their fee to us for these services.

  3. The refer-a-friend payment will become due only if:

    a) The claim of the friend or family member ("the referred person") is successfully completed by Stanton Fisher, with compensation being awarded;

    b) Stanton Fisher's fees are discharged by the referred person;

  4. The referrer confirms that if they provide details to Stanton Fisher of any friends, family members or any other person for the purposes of the refer-a-friend scheme, that they have the express consent from this person to do so and further that this individual has provided their consent to be contacted by Stanton Fisher. The referrer acknowledges that their identity may be passed to the person being referred as a means of verifying the enquiry.

  5. Employees of Stanton Fisher are not eligible for a refer-a-friend payment.

  6. All referrals must be made by existing Stanton Fisher Limited clients and not made on their behalf by any agents.

  7. Referrals are limited to a maximum of 10 per annum per client.

  8. Stanton Fisher reserves the right to vary the terms of this scheme from time to time or to withdraw this scheme at any time.

  9. The referred person cannot already be an existing client of Stanton Fisher.

  10. Payment will be made by cheque and not as a reduction of fees.

  11. The referrer will not be eligible for their Referral Payment unless they have discharged their own fees owing to Stanton Fisher in full.

  12. Payment will be made to the referrer as soon as reasonably practicable after the collection of Stanton Fisher's fees due from the referred person.